How to coordinate the clutch and throttle?

How to cooperate with clutch and throttle?

First, the gear should be in the neutral position. After starting the car, depress the clutch to the end, then put the gear into the first gear position. Then loosen the clutch. When loosening the clutch, be slow. When you feel the car shakes slightly and After starting to move forward, slowly refuel, and at the same time, continue to release the clutch until it is completely released and the car starts smoothly.How to cooperate with the clutch and throttle when accelerating and shifting

When we need to put on high gear, we need to match the speed of the target gear, then we need to add some throttle to make the speed reach the speed of the target gear (for example, when the gear is in 5 gear, the speed must reach 50 yards or more). Once up, we can step on the clutch, put up the gear, and then also release the clutch (the speed can be increased), and at the same time the throttle keeps up to keep the speed in a stable range.

How to cooperate with the clutch and the throttle when decelerating and shifting?

When you need to downshift, you must first lower the speed. We first step on the brakes to slow down, make up the accelerator with the right foot, lift up the right foot, quickly step on the clutch pedal, and shift the gear lever to the corresponding gear. , Release the clutch pedal, and while releasing the clutch pedal, slowly step on the accelerator with your right foot.

How to coordinate the clutch and throttle?

1. The reason for the initial flameout is that the clutch is lifted too fast.

When 1 to 2 are empty, it will not turn off when you lift it up, and it will start to clutch after 2 to 3, so you must lift it very slowly when it is 2.
When lifting to 2, lightly increase the throttle by the way to reduce the number of stalls, (refueling while lifting the clutch) has no effect. It is a normal start.

2. The power of the second gear can climb mountain roads, and the speed can be controlled by half-depressing the clutch in the second gear. (In the case of a fast U-turn speed). If the U-turn speed is fast or slow, use 1 gear to control it.

3. The speed is just right and the car will not stall. To decelerate, depress the clutch, and to accelerate, increase the accelerator. Under normal circumstances, turning is controlled by 2 gears.

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