How many kilometers to change the brake discs every time?

It is said that the brake pads are not fixed how often to change it. It depends on the driving conditions and driving habits. These habits will affect the use of the brake pads. If you can master it well, you will find that in many cases there is no need to step on the brakes at all. If the film is used well, it can reach 100,000 kilometers.

Then, under what circumstances need to replace the brake pads, you can go through the following regular inspections, and replace them immediately if they meet the conditions.

1. Check the thickness of the brake pads

Check whether the brake pads are thin. You can use a small flashlight to observe and inspect. When the inspection finds that the black friction material of the brake pads is about to wear away, and the thickness is less than 5 mm, you should consider replacing it.

2. The sound of braking

If you hear a harsh metal squeal in the brakes during daily driving, you must pay attention at this time. This is the alarm iron on the brake pads has begun to wear the brake disc, so this sharp metal sound.

3. Braking force

When driving on the road and stepping on the brake, if you feel very strenuous, there is always a soft feeling. It is often necessary to press the brake deeper to achieve the previous braking effect. When the emergency brake is used, the pedal position will obviously be low. It may be that the brake pads have basically lost friction and must be replaced at this time, otherwise a serious accident will occur.

How many kilometers to change the brake disc?

Generally speaking, the brake disc is changed every 60,000-70,000 kilometers, but the specifics still depend on the owner's usage habits and environment. Because everyone has different driving habits, the brake discs and brake pads are different. In fact, brake discs and brake pads are an important task that must be checked before driving. Some 4S shops are indeed very responsible and can remind you that the brake discs need to be replaced.

When the brake pads are replaced too many times, the wear of the brake discs will increase. At this time, the brake discs must be replaced. The brake discs must be replaced after two or three brake pads are replaced in one shift. Therefore, when replacing the brake pads, the brake discs should also be checked in time, and replaced when they are severely worn.

In addition to the normal wear of the brake disc, there is also the wear caused by the quality of the brake pad or the brake disc and the formation of foreign matter during normal operation. If the brake hub is worn by the foreign matter, the deep groove or the disc surface wear error (sometimes thin or thick) It is advocated that the replacement will directly affect our driving safety due to the difference in wear and tear.

Points for attention in the maintenance of brake discs: Because the brake discs will generate a lot of heat during braking, do not wash the car immediately after the car is braked. You should turn off the brake to reduce the surface temperature of the brake discs to prevent the high-temperature brake discs from swelling due to contact with cold water. Cold shrinkage produces deformation and cracks. In addition, the best way to increase the life of the brake disc is to maintain a good driving habit and try to avoid sudden stops.

Post time: Aug-27-2020